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Swenson Shear

Swenson Shear

Swenson Metal, Aluminum or Plastic Roofing and Siding Shears

Being an original means more than just being the first. For over 50 years we’ve been proud to lead the metal roofing industry with superior products, customer service and value and as times change we’re right there with you providing the next generation of metal panel preparation equipment.


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Blade Set Please include Panel Profile when Ordering a Swenson Shear


Stone Coat Cutter

Stone Coat Cutter
Max cut 34 inches

Designed for use on a multitude of applications from stone coated metal shake and shingle to 14 gauge stainless flat sheet

Sofit and Siding Shear Blade Lenght 20 inches

Sofit and Siding Shear
Blade Lenght 20 inches

 The premier tabletop shear ideal for cutting siding, metal shingles or soffit.

 Straight Cut Shear Blade Lenght 42 Inches

Straight Cut Shear
Blade Lenght 42 Inches

Ideal for cutting exposed fastener panels at 90 degrees and can achieve up to a 2/12 gable with the same set of blades


Heavy Duty Pivot Shear

Heavy Duty Pivot Shear
Max Cut: 48 Inches
Max Guage: 24

Straight Blade: Will shear straight at 90* and up to 2/12 gable 4/12 Gable Blade: Achieve between 3/12 – 5/12 gable 7/12 Gable Blade: Achieve between 6/12 – 8/12 gable

Hip and Valley Roofing Shear

Hip and Valley Roofing Shear
Max Cut: 64 Inches
Max Guage: 24

Ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels, with the ability to shear straight at 90 degrees and up to a 9/12 valley

eave master
Eave Master

The all new Eave Master accommodates panels between 12 inch and 24 inch and is equipped to notch and hem eave cuts. Its the newest addition the collection; designed for use in any commercial job. The Eave Master is jobsite transportable, weighing 125 lbs.


Swenson Shear Snap Table pro

Snap Table PRO
Cut Width: 12 - 24in Max Guage: 20

Cutting Purpose - All-in-one Panel/Roofing tool. It notches, slits, and hems panels.

The SnapTable PRO  features an adjustable table width that can accommodate panels between 12-24 inch, .(…Read More)


About Swenson Shears

For over 50 years, Swenson Shear has been supplying the Metal Construction industry with quality and innovative metal-cutting tools. Founded in 1959 by Ralph Swenson, the company started out small with simple, yet effective shears to ease the process of cutting common exposed-fastener panels.

In keeping pace with today’s ever-growing industry, Swenson Shear now offers a larger product line of unique tools to cut hundreds of different metal panels offering a quick and efficient method to shear not only exposed-fastener panels, but also concealed-fastener, stone-coated steel and other metal shingles, shake, trim and soffit.

Though the Swenson Shear of today has evolved since the 1950s, the original quality of Ralph Swenson’s tools has never been compromised. Still family owned and run, our products have been implemented in shops and on jobsites all over the United States, Canada and overseas.

What Swenson Shear Customers and Partners Say

The time and effort that Jonathan Dravecky and the Swenson Team has put into the new SnapTable HD is evident and is the reason why we’re looking to partner going forward. Truthfully this partnership is a natural fit. With the SnapTable HD, our Drexel panels are beautifully notched and hemmed, providing a seamless cut allowing for a cleaner eve and a more consistent product in the field.

Brian Partyka, EVP of Drexel Metals

We have used Swenson Shear's tools for the last sixteen years. These shears work remarkably well on various types of jobs for us, including commercial, military, and school projects. Without a doubt, the thing that keeps me coming back to Swenson, is how strong and reliable the tools are.

Mr. Don Baker, Southern Metal Systems, Wendell, NC

I highly recommend the SnapTable on every job! Swenson Shear's engineering behind the hemmer is genius. I have never seen anything like it. I take the SnapTable to every job site. In fact, I built a custom trailer and cover for our SnapTable.

Frank Eason, Eason Roofing, York, SC

We own three shears from Swenson and our team has received nothing less than excellent service from them. They save us a lot of time on diagonal cuts on sheet metal and are easy to use. Many of our customers are residential contractors and we always encourage them to use the Swenson Shear.

Douglas Unruh, Central Steel Building Systems, Louisville, GA

The biggest benefit of the SnapTable is the quality of exposed valley cuts and the amount of time it saves. At first members of our team resisted the SnapTable preferring to snip by hand, but now, they take to each and every job site.

Jerry Iselin, Metal Roof Specialties, Tacoma, WA

Cornerstone Roofing is a small company located in Panama City, Florida. We have been a customer of Swenson Shear since 2002 when we purchased the Model 64. We found this shear to be a time saver for cutting hips and valleys on 36 inch screw down panels (AG panel). In April of 2005, we purchased the SnapTable and added the hemmer in February 2012.

This equipment enables us to offer a superior installation while saving us hours of labor cost. If you install metal roofing, let me recommend that you contact Swenson Shear. Their product is the best, their service is second to none and their staff, well – you won’t find better folks.

Cornerstone Roofing, Youngstown, FL

We purchased the SnapTable in January of 2013 and very pleased with performance; it has saved our company time and money. We highly recommend the SnapTable and Pivot Shear to anyone. They are great products!

AVA Siding, Covington, WA

Our team at Long Creek Steel LLC wants to thank Swenson Shear for not only the quality products you provide to us, but affordable pricing and unbeatable quick service!

George Hofer, Long Creek Steel LLC, Beresford, SD

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