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Thern Rugged Air Winches

Big Red TA Series Air Winches

Rugged Air Winches
for Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications.

Neither blistering heat, nor frigid cold, nor blowing sand, nor salty air keeps these workhorses from doing the toughest jobs under the harshest conditions. Rugged, reliable and featuring solid welded steel construction, Thern Big Red Utility-Rated and Big Red Rider TA Personnel-Rated series air winches work hard in the kinds of trying environments other winches don’t dare.

Whether hoisting material pallets up to the platform for oil and gas drilling operations, positioning pipes, hoisting heavy motor blocks as part of utility operations or lifting carriages carrying inspection personnel on construction job sites, Thern TA series air winches have the capacity for lifting/pulling up to 37,000 lbs. of equipment or 6,900 lbs. of personnel.

Then Big Red air winches are built to suit your specific task and delivered in about the same amount of time as our off-the-shelf winches and Cranes Contact Us  today and let us help you build the right tool for the job.

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