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JET Jigs

2" Master Dovetail Jig
Make beautiful half-blind dovetails for all your projects! The Master Dovetail Jig is designed so you can cut both the pins and tails in one pass with a router. Cam-action clamps securely hold the work piece in position for routing. Easy adjustable knobs and stops make for simple setup. Once completed, you can make half blind dovetails to your hearts content.
The jig mounts to a workbench by screws or clamps, and comes with aluminum 1/2" dovetail template that is CNC machined for accuracy. Other templates are available for different sized dovetails.

  • Makes half-blind dovetails
  • Perfect for drawers, case goods and jewelry boxes
  • Cut tails and pins in one pass
  • Cam-style action clamping
  • Adjustable for different materials
  • For 1/2" to 1-1/4" thick material to 12" wide
Stock Number Description
709060 12" Dovetail Jig
709061 5/16" Aluminum Dovetail Template
709062 7/16" Aluminum Dovetail Template
709063 1/2" Aluminum Dovetail Template
709064 9/16" Aluminum Dovetail Template

Tenoning Jig

  • Fits left and right tilt saws with 3/8" and 3/4" mitre gauge groove
  • Holds board on end to simplify cutting tenons
  • Fully adjustable stops that help secure stock when cutting angled mortises
  • T-slot mitre gauge bar with removable T for other slots

Stock Number


708111 Tenoning Jig




Heavy-Duty 13" Roller Stand
Our Heavy-Duty Roller Stand adds a helping hand for those unwieldy work pieces simplifying a two-person job into one. It sets up quickly and the roller height adjusts to support the work piece.

A locking handle lets you fix the roller height in position. The 4-point roller stand affords greater stability and the welded steel tube construction offers high strength with minimum weight. Back leg folds up flat and the telescoping roller slides down for easy transport.

  • 150 lb capacity
  • Adjusts from 28" to 43"
  • 13" wide smooth action roller
  • Non-marring foot pads
  • Weighs just 12 lbs
Stock Number Description
709207 Heavy-Duty Roller Stand
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