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Baileigh MB-100 CNC Mandrel Bender

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CNC Mandrel Pipe Bender MB-100-CNC

Made in Portugal

The Baileigh Industrial CNC mandrel pipe bender is fully automatic and comes standard with three axis and can be equipped with up to eight axis. This is a very powerful machine that has a rigid electro welded steel plate frame that allows bends at maximum capacity to be bent as tight as 1/2 times the OD with the optional booster. Baileigh CNC mandrel pipe benders use encoder positioning at all crucial areas coupled to the computer numeric controller that allows for an incredible 1/10th of a degree of accuracy.

The touch screen control system is easy to use and can store an unlimited amount of. This mandrel pipe bender has a capacity of up to 4 inch OD mild steel with a wall thickness of .141 inch and 4 inch OD stainless steel with a wall thickness of .059 inch. On all Baileigh CNC mandrel pipe Benders we use industrial grade hydraulics and industry standard electrical components.

The touch screen controls on our CNC mandrel pipe Benders allows for 3 D modeling of the part which saves in set up time and insures that the part will not interfere with parts of the machine during the bending process. The MB-100 CNC mandrel pipe bender is used in industries such as; automotive, hydraulic, furniture, exercise equipment, aviation, marine and much more. Southern Tool representatives are very knowledgeable and can engineer the proper solution to your bending requirements.


Model MB-100-CNC
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 3.930 x .059 inch
Degree of Bend (Max) 190 degree
Operation Hydraulic
Minimum CLR 1 x OD
Motor 40 hp
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 4.000 x .141 inch
Power Requirements 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 19,800 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 343 x 67 x 73 inch
specifications subject to change without notice


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