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Baileigh Mandrel Bender MB-35 NCE

Mandrel Bender MB-35 NCE

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NC Controlled Mandrel Bender MB-35-NCE

Made in Portugal

The MB-35 NCE mandrel bender is the perfect bender for hydraulic lines, furniture, marine and much more.  This mandrel bender has a capacity of 1-3/8 OD X .078 inch wall in mild steel and 1 OD X .078 inch wall in stainless steel.  It can bend down to 1 X OD depending on the material and sizes.   This machine can bend within 0.1 degree of accuracy.

The mandrel bender MB-35 NCE has an easy to use NC programmer that houses up to 20 programs with up to 10 bends per program.  The MB-35 NCE mandrel Benders drive system uses a powerful DC motor to gear transmission; the position of the die is accurately read by an encoder.  This model X axis comes standard with manual stops.  An optional NC plane of bend carriage with encoder positioning for the Z axis is available and makes producing duplicate bends on varying planes a breeze and extremely accurate.

Baileigh mandrel Benders are easy to use, ruggedly built, using industrial grade components for years of profitable bends.  Call your Southern Tool representative for further details.



Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 1.100 x .078 inch
Degree of Bend (Max) 190 degree
Bend Accuracy .1 degree
Operation Electromechanical
Minimum CLR 1 x OD
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 1.375 x .078 inch
Power Requirements 220V / 3-phase
specifications subject to change without notice


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